Ask and Check

If a salesperson is trying to sell you an investment, ask the right questions and check them out by following these steps.


Check Out the Seller

Before you work with a broker or other financial salesperson:

Ask. Who are you licensed with to sell me this? Are you a licensed broker? Is that investment registered?

Check. If they say they are licensed, check out their background.


Check Out the Investment:

Before you buy an investment product:

Ask. Is this investment registered with the SEC?

Check. If you are told it is, verify that the investment is indeed registered with the SEC.

Baseball Great Nomar Garciaparra Reinforces Value of “Ask and Check”

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FINRA Securities Helpline for SeniorsTM

A toll-free number that senior investors can call to get assistance from FINRA or raise concerns about issues with brokerage accounts and investments. Learn more.

Call 844-57-HELPS (844-574-3577)
Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET

6 Steps to Smarter Investments

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission suggests these steps to investigate the registration status and search the disciplinary histories of financial professionals.

Know What to Say When a Con Calls You

You can outsmart the cons. Watch this short video (3 min. 10 sec.) to see the wrong way—and right way—to handle a sales call from a fraudster. Remember, the word “No” is more powerful than any con man.


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