One of FINRA's main goals is to protect the investing public. These alerts provide you with information to help you avoid problems in today’s complex world of investing—and to help protect your and your family from investment scams.

Soldier Completing Paperwork

Five Tips for Financial Security

The economic uncertainty of recent years continues to make this a challenging time for many consumers and investors. Military families are especially vulnerable due to regular PCS moves, interrupted spouse careers, and frequent deployments. The FINRA Investor Education Foundation has put together 5 tips that can help America’s military families successfully navigate turbulent conditions and keep your finances under control.


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Bitcoin: More than a Bit Risky

FINRA is issuing this alert to caution investors that buying and using digital currency such as Bitcoin carry risks. Speculative trading in bitcoins carries significant risk. There is also the risk of fraud related to companies claiming to offer Bitcoin payment platforms and other Bitcoin-related products and services.

Five Do's and Don'ts That Can Help You Achieve Greater Financial Security

With the unemployment rate slowly falling, many Americans are facing a healthier job market and trying to get their financial lives back on track. Drawing on the findings of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation's National Financial Capability Study of more than 25,000 Americans, the FINRA Foundation has developed five tips to help consumers both manage their day-to-day financial challenges and build a brighter financial future in 2014.

The IRA Rollover: 10 Tips to Making a Sound Decision

If you are considering rolling over money from an employer plan into an IRA—or if you have been in contact with a financial professional to do so—follow these tips to decide whether an IRA rollover is right for you.

Marijuana Stock Scams

In early January 2014, new laws regarding the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes went into effect in a number of states. We are reissuing this alert to warn investors about the potential for fraud in this arena, and to reiterate the risks of investing in thinly traded companies about which little is known. Any so-called "hot" stock can burn your portfolio.

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