Protect Your Money

You work hard to earn money and invest for the future. The information and resources on this page will help you steer clear of fraud and other problems that stand in the way of financial security.

Take a Lesson From McGruff

Take a Lesson From McGruff

McGruff the Crime Dog has joined the fight against financial and investment fraud. Watch—and share—these new videos and learn to recognize the red flags of fraud.

Tricks of the Trade Video

"Trick$ of the Trade"

Order your free copy of "Trick$ of the Trade: Outsmarting Investment Fraud." Seen on PBS stations nationwide, this FINRA Foundation documentary uncovers the psychology of a scam and reveals ways to protect yourself and others.

Mobile Phone and Credit Card

Five Tips for Safe Mobile Banking

Banking through your phone or tablet is quick and convenient, but don’t forget these five tips to help keep your money—and identity—safe.

Couple at Table

The Face of Investment Fraud

Let go of your assumptions and learn who might be most likely to fall for a scam.