FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellow Profiles

Spouse Fellow Betsy Stibler

Betsy Stibler
Morristown, Tennessee

"The military has given so much to us and enriched our lives in so many ways. This is my way of doing something to give back to the military community."

Betsy Stibler is on a mission—to help others.

"Ever since I decided to stay home with my children, I have felt more of a calling to help people."

Betsy and her husband, Commander Joseph Stibler, have "gained a measure of financial stability by making good decisions while continuing to focus on securing our family’s future," and now she would like to spread that knowledge within the community.

Betsy and her family currently live in Morristown, Tennessee, and her husband is an Navy Reserve flight instructor at NAS Whiting Field which is in Florida. Their local community consists mostly of Reservists and National Guard units.

"We see a lot of stressors in the local military community and there is not the framework of support here in East Tennessee —even though these folks have been serving continuously since 9/11."

According to Betsy, there is a great need for more financial planning education within her local military community. She believes that the FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship Program—which will lead to accreditation as a financial counselor—can provide her with the skills to help fill these gaps.

"You see a lot of tax-advance or pay day lenders preying on folks who are trying to provide for their families, and I would really like to be able to equip them locally to not only survive but thrive," Betsy said. This is especially important as many service members return from deployment to find their previous employment is no longer available due to economic issues.

While finances always have been of some interest to her, Betsy started her career on the opposite end of the spectrum. With a bachelor’s degree in biology, minor in chemistry and a Master of Science in health systems, Betsy sold pharmaceuticals for 15 years.

Now Betsy is focused on serving the community that has served her well over the last eight years.

"The military has given so much to us and enriched our lives in so many ways. This is my way of doing something to give back."

Betsy lives with her husband and three children—Kirk, 16, Emma Kate, 4, and Joseph, 2. In addition to helping military families with their finances, Betsy also dedicates her time to increasing organ donor awareness with the National Foundation for Transplants.