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The FINRA Foundation has developed a variety of research-based tools and resources you can share with investors in your community to teach them how to "Ask and Check." Use the materials below when you host or attend events about investment fraud or order printed versions of these and even more resources. Download the full toolkit in PDF.


Online Interactive Tools

Play Con 'Em If You Can!Con 'Em If You Can: The Foundation’s interactive strategy game, developed in partnership with the D2D Fund, puts players into the fictional world of Shady Acres where they learn first-hand about the types of persuasion tactics used to perpetuate financial fraud, and they accumulate wealth and strength by using these tactics on a range of targets. But they have to watch out for the Fraud Fighting Agency. The game challenges players to think critically about the persuasion tactics used to defraud investors and how cons use them. Research suggests that learning to spot these red flags can help investors avoid becoming fraud victims. Be a fraud fighter—share the game and related videos with your networks.

Risk Meter: Share this tool through social media and post it on your website to help investors assess whether or not they might be at risk for investment fraud.

Scam Meter: Share this tool through social media and post it to your website to help investors figure out if an investment they are about to make or have made is a scam.



"Trick$ of the Trade": Host a "watch party" or share free copies of our hour-long documentary on preventing investment fraud. Aired on PBS stations nationwide, it features stories of victims and perpetrators and uncovers the persuasion tactics con artists use. If you host a party, use this discussion guide to help jumpstart the conversation. Don't have an hour for a documentary showing? The program is now available in a condensed, 30-minute format for fraud fighters giving group presentations. Order your presentation copy today using our materials ordering portal.

How to Spot Scams: Share this short how-to video on spotting scams and the red flags to watch out for.

Fraud Flag Videos: Share this series of short videos that explain the red flags of fraud, and give examples of each type.

  • Phantom Riches: Did you know there are five red flags of fraud that every investor should know? This video will help you understand one of them—phantom riches. It's when a con dangles the prospect of wealth in front of you, enticing you with something you seemingly can't have.

The following videos are coming soon:

  • Source Credibility
  • Scarcity
  • Reciprocity
  • Social Consensus

Victim and Con Stories: Anyone can be defrauded. Read stories and watch videos of victims and cons—and how fraud affected their lives.


Outsmarting Investment Fraud Curriculum

Developed by experts in the field of fraud and persuasion, the Outsmarting Investment Fraud curriculum combines a moderated presentation with learning activities, including an investor risk quiz and persuasion-spotting exercises. You can preview the curriculum presentation or contact us to see if you qualify to receive the full version to present on your own.


Brochures and Tip Sheets

Fighting Fraud 101: This compact brochure contains the most important fraud-fighting messages in one place. It’s perfect to distribute at events, community centers or community meetings.

Taking Action: An Advocate's Guide to Assisting Victims of Financial Fraud: This resource from the FINRA Foundation and the National Center for Victims of Crime is for consumer advocates and others that interface with victims of financial fraud. The guide provides strategies for addressing major types of financial crime—including investment fraud, identity theft, mortgage and lending fraud, and mass marketing scams. Download Taking Action or order a printed copy using our materials ordering portal.

Taking Action: Victim Recovery Checklists Victims of financial fraud must cope with the aftermath of a compromised identity, damaged credit and financial loss, and a painful range of emotions. The FINRA Foundation and the National Center for Victims of Crime created a series of Taking Action: Victim Recovery Checklists covering four major areas of financial fraud—identity theft, investment fraud, mortgage and lending fraud, and mass marketing and other fraud—to provide step-by-step guidance to help victims reclaim power from the fraudsters and move forward toward recovery.

Protecting Our Assets: Keeping Communities Safe from Financial Fraud: The FINRA Foundation partnered with the National Crime Prevention Council on this resource for crime prevention practitioners and other fraud fighters. Download the 2013-2014 Crime Prevention Month Kit.

Planning a Community Event: Planning an investor event is a great way to spread the “Ask and Check” message. Use these tips for ideas.

Easy Steps to Help a Friend Avoid Investment Fraud: This tip sheet suggests easy ways to help others spot and avoid investment fraud. You can use this yourself, or as a giveaway at an event or at your community center.

How to Spot the Red Flags of Fraud: Distribute this one-page outline of the red flags of fraud, what they mean and examples of each.


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