Outsmarting Investment Fraud Curriculum

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The Outsmarting Investment Fraud curriculum combines a moderated presentation with learning activities, including an investor risk quiz and persuasion-spotting exercises. The curriculum includes:

  • An introduction to the issue
  • Descriptions of common victims of fraud
  • Outline of the red flags to look out for and how to spot them
  • Prevention messages
  • Where you can direct people to for more help
  • Tools and resources (video, printed materials)
  • Ways to stay connected with the FINRA Foundation 
  • Ways to share our content through social media channels and other ways 

Outsmarting Investment Fraud Presentation

You can preview the curriculum presentation or contact us to see if you qualify to receive the full version to present on your own. An alternative is to show the related "Trick$ of the Trade: Outsmarting Investment Fraud" documentary and facilitate a discussion. Don't have an hour for a documentary showing? The program, we also offer "Trick$ of the Trade for Fraud Fighters," a condensed, 30-minute format for fraud fighters giving group presentations. Order your presentation copy today using our materials ordering portal.

Use our research-based tools and resources to familiarize yourself with the issues. Then, distribute messages and materials to teach others how recognize the red flags of fraud.

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