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We're a not-for-profit resource dedicated to your financial health.

NFL Player Engagement has partnered with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation to help players spot and avoid investment fraud and make informed financial decisions. Here are three steps you can take.

1. Before You Give Someone Your Money, Ask and Check

If someone contacts you about an investment—even if it is a friend or salesperson recommended by someone you trust and respect—it's important to ask the right questions and check them out by following these steps.

CheckboxCheck Out the Seller

Before you work with a broker or other financial salesperson:

Ask: Are you licensed to sell me this? If so, with whom?

Check: Even if they say they are licensed, check out their license and background.

  • Visit FINRA BrokerCheck® or call FINRA at (202) 728-6964.
  • NFL players should also call NFL Security (800) 635-1099.

CheckboxCheck Out the Investment

Before you buy an investment product:

Ask: Is this investment registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

Check: If you are told it is, verify that the investment is indeed registered with the SEC.

  • Contact the SEC's Office of Investor Education and Advocacy at (800) SEC-0330.

FINRA BrokerCheckLook up a brokerage firm or individual broker in BrokerCheck. It’s a free tool to help investors research the backgrounds of investment professionals and firms. It should be the first resource you turn to when choosing whether to start or continue doing business with a particular individual or firm.


2. Manage Your Money

Whether you're managing your money on your own or getting assistance from a financial professional, these resources can help you avoid problems and plan for a bright financial future. Find more alerts at
  • Choosing a Professional. You may choose to get help managing your money from many different types of professionals. They may be brokers, investment advisers, certified public accountants, lawyers, insurance agents or financial planners. And they may work in many different settings, from large firms to small private practices. But how should you choose?
  • Controlling Debt. Managing your debt carefully can help you maintain good credit, stay within budget and achieve your goals—but it takes positive steps on your part. Get started with these tips and resources.
  • Fighting Identity Theft. Identity theft is much more than an inconvenience—it can devastate your credit rating and derail financial security. With thieves constantly on the prowl for personal information, learn what steps you can take to protect your identity.


3. Spot and Avoid Fraud

Learn how fraud happens, who's at risk and the common red flags so you can better protect your money.

Tips for Fighting Fraud

We're all at risk of falling victim to fraud, but you can take steps to protect yourself and your family. Download this brochure to learn how fraudsters operate and where to report suspicious sales pitches and actual scams.

NFL: Fighting Fraud 101

Use our Risk Meter to see whether you share characteristics and behavior traits that have been shown to make some investors vulnerable to investment fraud.

Video: How to Spot an Investment Scam

Investment fraud criminals use a wide array of sophisticated and highly effective tactics to get people to part with their money. Watch this video to learn how to spot and avoid the five red flags of investment fraud.

While there's no clear way to know if the investment you've been offered is too good to be true, our Scam Meter will help you tell if it might be a scam.



About the FINRA Foundation and NFL Partnership

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation is the largest foundation in the United States dedicated to investor education. Its mission is to provide Americans with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for financial success throughout life., a project of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, is a free, unbiased resource dedicated to your financial health.

NFL Player Engagement prepares and supports players mentally, emotionally and physically for life on the gridiron and during their transition to post-football careers. Through programming like NFL Prep, NFL Life and NFL Next, the NFL Player Engagement department assists players in adjusting to life within the NFL, while challenging them to prepare for their next careers after their football-playing days are through.

Press Release: FINRA Foundation and NFL Team Up to Help Players Avoid Investment Fraud, Make Smart Financial Decisions