FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellow Profile - Kimberly Zamagni

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Image - Spouse Fellow - Kimberly Zamagni

Kimberly Zamagni

Oceanside, California

“I’m always looking for different avenues to help reduce military families’ debt.”

Kimberly Zamagni, an accredited military spouse from the 2007 class of fellows, puts her program experience into practice at a San Diego office of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, where the training she gained through the Military Spouse Fellowship Program helps her provide financial, educational and other assistance to servicemembers and their families.

Kimberly, who lives in Oceanside, California, with her husband, U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Bill Zamagni, and their six-year-old son, Spenser, is a caseworker at the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society aboard Camp Pendleton. As a Marine Corps spouse, it is important to Kimberly to assist members of the military community.

“Becoming an accredited financial counselor has been rewarding because it’s enhanced my ability to counsel and educate my clients—and I’m always looking for different avenues to help reduce military families’ debt,” Kimberly said.

At the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Kimberly works with military families and retirees who have trouble meeting their monthly basic living needs, and with other expenses, such as car repairs and emergency leave. Case workers at the nonprofit also counsel their clients on budgeting and reducing debt.

Kimberly applied for the Military Spouse Fellowship Program, offered by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, a few years ago while working at the Society’s Arlington, Virginia, headquarters. Three of her coworkers also applied and were accepted. Kimberly was the first to earn accreditation in the program, which she called “challenging, but rewarding.” She stays in contact with her former Arlington, Virginia, co-workers, as well as other accredited spouses, who, like Kimberly, have relocated to other parts of the world.

Now assisting Camp Pendleton servicemembers and their families, Kimberly, who has worked at the Society for more than three years, has refined her family’s money management skills—a byproduct of a program that’s taught her to better manage other people’s money—and her own.

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