FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellow Profile - Christy Schrock

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Image - Spouse Fellow - Christy Schrock

Christy Schrock

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

“As financial counselors, we are not selling financial products. We are an unbiased source of information.”

Christy Schrock has never been a person to back down from a challenge. While studying communications and political science at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Christy worked full-time, interned for her senator and maintained a relationship with her future husband, Ryan, who was then enrolled at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York.

Cadets at West Point are not allowed to be married while attending the academy and for the first few years, Christy and Ryan dated long-distance. After graduation, they decided to get married. Following their wedding—which they paid for themselves—they had accumulated a combined $80,000 in debt, including student loans, car loans and credit card bills.

Christy and her husband recognized the need to improve their financial situation. Through many sacrifices and a serious commitment to debt reduction, they paid off their debt within the first four years of their marriage. With her husband deployed for a majority of that time, including two tours in Iraq, Christy learned a lot about managing her family’s finances—like living within means and establishing a savings program.

At Fort Campbell, Christy works in the Fort Campbell Financial Readiness Program’s Consumer Affairs Office, where she first heard about the Military Spouse Fellowship Program, offered by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation. At the time, Christy’s program manager was the only accredited counselor in the Financial Readiness Program at Fort Campbell. Christy applied to the fellowship, was accepted, and became the fellowship program’s first graduate.

Upon completion of the fellowship program, Christy became an accredited financial counselor, which opened the door for her to a variety of opportunities. Christy received a promotion and now manages the Consumer Affairs Office at Fort Campbell. She feels that programs like the Military Spouse Fellowship program are important because “military families have unique financial needs that demand access to an unbiased source of education unrelated to the sale of financial products and services.”

Christy has been an integral part of enhancing the Financial Readiness Program at Fort Campbell. During her tenure in the Consumer Affairs Office, she has implemented and taught classes on how to buy a house, incorporated consumer- and financial-related education into deployment and reintegration briefings, and assisted with providing emergency interest-free loans and grants to servicemembers through Army Emergency Relief. Additionally, Christy is instrumental in organizing Fort Campbell’s Annual Consumer Awareness Fair. In 2007, SEC Commissioner Paul Atkins was among the participants, discussing various financial topics related to servicemembers and their families.

Today, Christy and her husband, Ryan, deployed on his third tour in Iraq, are debt-free (with the exception of their two homes and a boat) and are confident about their financial and children’s futures. When they are not working, you can find Christy and Ryan on the water with their two children, Colton (6) and Cody (4).

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