FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellow Profile - Morgan McCorkle

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Image - Spouse Fellow - Morgan McCorkle

Morgan McCorkle

Stafford, Virginia

“This program is a great experience—you get to learn things and you get to help your brothers and sisters in the military. It’s rewarding in so many ways.”

The FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship Program has taught Morgan McCorkle something about values.

Before, said the 2010 Spouse Fellow, her purchases were all about desires. "Now, I spend money on those things I value, such as education and travel, rather than desires like clothes or other things I’d love to have, but that don’t really hold value for me."

Working toward becoming an Accredited Financial Counselor® has not only helped McCorkle gain new skills, it has helped her gain more control over her family’s finances. “I’m always looking for things I can do to save and ways to take advantage of the resources that are already out there for military families,” McCorkle said.

She admitted that it hasn’t always been easy, especially early in her husband’s military career. When they met, McCorkle said, her husband, Isaac McCorkle, was an enlisted Marine fresh out of boot camp.

“We fell into that classic, ‘oh wow, we have this steady income—let’s go spend it!’ mentality,” McCorkle said. “We got into credit card debt, then we’d pay it off, then the car would break down so we’d have to run up the credit card bill again to fix it. It was a bad cycle.”

Isaac McCorkle has since earned a commission and is today a second lieutenant. The couple are stationed at Marine Corps Base Quantico with their two children.

Morgan McCorkle hopes to use what she’s learning as a FINRA Military Spouse Fellow to gain a better understanding of financial topics, and then use that knowledge to help other military families. She didn’t have a professional background in personal finance when she started the program, but she has some experience in education. So she uses personal examples when counseling other military families.

“This program is a great experience,” McCorkle said. “You get to learn things and you get to help your brothers and sisters in the military. It’s rewarding in so many ways.”

McCorkle said she looks forward to building a career in personal financial counseling.

“I love helping military members and their families understand their finances, evaluate their spending patterns and help them understand why they’re doing the things that they’re doing,” McCorkle said.

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