FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellow Profile - Kimberly Eng

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Image - Spouse Fellow - Kimberly Eng

Kimberly Eng

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

“When you are a military spouse, you’re constantly moving, constantly changing. This certification is invaluable—you can take it with you anywhere and use it wherever you go.”

Kimberly Eng has been involved with the military for more than 25 years. She entered the Army in 1982. She left the service in 1985—the same year she married her husband, a fellow servicemember.

Kimberly has always had an interest in financial issues and enjoys managing and manipulating money. She earned degrees in business administration and accounting, and used the skills she developed to run a successful daycare operation. When Kimberly heard about the Military Spouse Fellowship Program she jumped at a chance to participate; it allowed her to fuse her two interests, finances and the military.

Kimberly first learned about the Military Spouse Fellowship Program, offered by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, while she was working at Army Emergency Relief at US Army Garrison Bamberg in Germany. She applied to the program and was accepted. Kimberly took advantage of the flexibility of the fellowship Webinars to complete her study during her family’s Permanent Change of Station move from Germany to North Carolina. Webinars were held for Kimberly and other participants who were either moving or in transit. “They made it so easy. No matter where I was I could plug in and take a Webinar,” Kimberly said.

Kimberly completed the fellowship and received her accreditation in May 2007. She is now working with Army Community Service at Fort Bragg in North Carolina as a financial readiness specialist/counselor. Kimberly said that she uses the new budget techniques she has learned to manage her family’s finances. In addition, she has two sons in college and often provides them with financial counseling and training.

Kimberly said that the life of a military spouse is one where you are always moving and always on a job hunt. She believes a program like the Military Spouse Fellowship Program can provide military spouses with accreditation that will always be in demand in both the military and civilian world.

Kimberly believes that there is a need for financial counselors today in the military community due to increased deployments, noting that many servicemembers are living in the moment and are not looking ahead to plan for retirement.

Today, Kimberly and her husband live near Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Kimberly’s husband recently retired from the Army after 24 years of service. Kimberly plans to continue her work with military servicemembers.

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