FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellow Profile - Joseph Scott Blakistone

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Joseph Scott Blakistone

Colorado Springs, Colorado

"The AFC skills will enable me to find work or volunteer opportunities no matter where we are stationed. I will also have additional career flexibility so I can maintain my primary responsibility of taking care of our children as they grow."

Joseph Scott Blakistone is currently stationed with his Navy wife at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs, CO. He is a graduate of Baylor University with a B.B.A majoring in Information Systems Management and Human Resources Management, and thirteen years of experience in the private, professional sector working in software engineering for companies such as Accenture, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard.

He lists his current responsibility as stay-at-home dad of two boys, ages 2.5 and 6.

Joseph says that he thoroughly enjoys personal finance and has always maintained an interest in topics such as budgeting and investing. He finds that having business skills benefits his family by helping them achieve financial goals, such as paying off debts and planning for future financial needs (higher education for their children, and retirement for his wife and him. "Earning a recognized accreditation would only serve to help my family and those I have the opportunity to serve," says Joseph.

"I think that the AFC® designation will provide a portable career that benefits the military community as our family continues to support my wife during her time as an active duty officer. The AFC skills will enable me to find work or volunteer opportunities no matter where we are stationed."

Besides personal finance and caring for a busy family, Joseph enjoys running and mountain biking, and playing with his two dogs, He has completed two Ironman Triathlons, four marathons, and numerous other running races. He volunteers at the nursery in his church, and the couple are cadet sponsors for the US Air Force Academy.


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