FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellow Profile - Shin Yi Fulton

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Image - Spouse Fellow - Shin Yi Fulton

Shin Yi Fulton

Killeen, Texas

"I so enjoy helping soldiers get out of financial troubles, and I'm ready to learn a lot more to help soldiers learn about their finances."

Growing up, Shin Yi knew the struggles of a military family. However, she experienced them not only in a different city or state, but a different country.

Shin Yi grew up in Taiwan and her father was in the military. She didn't have many luxuries growing up. After her father left the military, he worked on a commercial ship which brought in more money, but he never saved anything. This left a mark on Shin Yi's philosophies regarding financial management.

Shin Yi had her associate degree in Taiwan and had just passed the entrance exam for getting her Bachelor's degree when she met and married her husband. Sergeant First Class Kirk Fulton was stationed in Japan and Shin Yi decided to postpone her education to move to the U.S. with him.

In 2006, Shin Yi and Kirk moved to Fort Hood, Texas. While trying to figure out what to do for a career, Shin Yi received assessment help from the Employment Readiness Branch on Fort Hood which helped point Shin Yi in the proper direction. On the assessment, counseling turned up high on the results. Soon after, she found out about the FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship Program and applied. While finances were never part of Shin Yi's educational background, it was a topic that piqued her interest and for good reason.

"I was really interested in finance because, when I first married my husband, we had some conflict about how to manage finances. Somehow we always managed to rack up credit card debt, and he would pay only the minimum balance. It just was not my way of dealing with money," Shin Yi said.

The fellowship provided her with the perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge she was looking for and help people at the same time.

"There was so much information that I would never find in a personal finance book. And there is even more information that comes from just these counseling experiences," she said.

Shin Yi has shared the information she's learned with her husband, who has passed the knowledge on to his fellow soldiers. Not only has the information she's obtained from the fellowship helped her in her personal life, but has also given Shin Yi the opportunity to help others, which is very important to her. In the future, Shin Yi wants to continue down this path.

"I'm definitely interested in this area, and I enjoy working with soldiers. It's so rewarding when I can help them get out of financial troubles and I'm ready to learn a lot more to help soldiers learn about their finances."

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