Military Project Accomplishments to Date

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The FINRA Investor Education Foundation's Military Financial Readiness Project delivers free, unbiased financial education tools and training to service members, their spouses and on-base financial educators through a variety of projects and public awareness initiatives. A collaborator in the U.S. Department of Defense Financial Readiness Campaign, our primary goal is to help military families manage their money with confidence.

The Foundation launched the Military Financial Readiness Project and in February 2006. The program is grounded in research with military officers and enlisted personnel that showed many members of the military could benefit from additional financial education. In coordination with the Department of Defense and military leaders throughout the United States and overseas, we developed a comprehensive program including public awareness activities, on-base educational forums, training for military spouses and online and printed educational resources. Since 2006, among our most significant achievements to date, the project has:

  • Reached over 40,000 members of the military community face-to-face at 293 Military Financial Readiness Forums at 180 installations worldwide and at sea in the Persian Gulf—covering topics ranging from credit and debt management to saving and investing for retirement;
  • Awarded fellowships to more than 1,400 military spouses for the Accredited Financial Counselor® certificate, offering the chance to earn a career-enhancing credential while providing financial counseling to the military community—participants have logged more than 407,000 practicum hours in their communities;
  • Updated and distributed over one million copies of Money and Mobility, a guide for managing money during PCS moves and deployments;
  • Helped Warriors In Transition by distributing 27,000 copies of our guide on saving and investing disability benefits and holding forums at military medical facilities, such as the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center;
  • Fielded and released research which underscores the importance of fostering financial education for service members; and
  • Provided no-cost access to an online credit management tool helping over 234,000 service members and spouses understand and improve their credit scores.

Other key campaign initiatives include: launching and maintaining a comprehensive website——that provides tools and information on a wide range of financial topics; developing Moneytopia, a serious e-learning financial simulation game for service members and youth; and delivering continuing education programs for military financial educators. The Foundation also provides resources, expertise and funding to key partners, including Military Saves and BBB Military Line.