Investor Protection Campaign Accomplishments to Date

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The FINRA Foundation launched its Investor Protection Campaign (IPC) in 2008 with a vision to reduce incidents of investment fraud among investors. Guided by a growing body of research exploring how and why investors fall prey to investment fraud, the FINRA Foundation has employed strategic national, state and grassroots partnerships to develop and distribute fraud prevention resources and conduct outreach, including training to consumers, law enforcement professionals and victim advocates.

Our key achievements include:

  • Unique and lasting contributions to the body of fraud-related research through both original research and founding of the Financial Fraud Research Center in collaboration with Stanford University's Center on Longevity;
  • Delivery of more than 1,750 presentations in conjunction with national, state and local partners that have reached nearly 90,000 investors and fraud fighters nationwide; 
  • Production of two, hour-long documentary films—Trick$ of the Trade and Thinking Money—which achieved national television distribution through American Public Television;
  • Training of over 450 law enforcement officials representing more than 220 different federal, state and local agencies, and creation and distribution of a financial fraud prevention toolkit for crime prevention specialists;
  • Development of Taking Action: An Advocate's Guide to Assisting Victims of Financial Fraud, a comprehensive resource guide on financial fraud for victim service providers, accompanied by Taking Action Victim Recovery Checklists and in-person and web-based training programs that have reached 1,600 victim advocates to assist in their work with financial fraud victims; 
  • Delivery of fraud prevention counseling to over 215,000 investors through outbound calls from a network of Fraud Fighter Call Centers; and
  • Distribution of hundreds of thousands of essential, unbiased investor protection publications and DVDs to consumers around the globe.