Smart 401(k) Investing

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401(k) retirement plans can make the difference between a financially secure retirement and the specter of running out of money. These plans offer tax benefits and the opportunity for your savings to compound over time. So it's important to understand every aspect of how your 401(k) plan works, whether you're just getting started or you're already retired.


FINRA's Smart 401(k) Investing takes you through the process of enrolling and managing your 401(k) account, and answers questions about everything from eligibility to rollovers, from vesting to hardship withdrawals.


Retirement Savings Overview
Learn how employer-sponsored retirement savings plans typically work, including history, salary deferral, tax advantages, different types of plans, eligibility, contribution limits, matching and more.


Investing in Your 401(k)
This section discusses your investment choices, risk and ways to manage risk.


Managing Your 401(k)
You'll want to check up on your 401(k) on a regular basis. Here’s how to keep an eye on investment performance and reviewing your asset allocation.


Moving Your 401(k)
Whether you're starting a new job or getting ready to retire, you may have to make decisions about what to do with your 401(k) assets.


Managing Income in Retirement
Once you start withdrawing assets from your 401(k) in retirement, you will need to know how to make those assets last.


Special Features of Your 401(k)
Your 401(k) has some features you might not know about.


Annual Contribution Limits
Check out the maximum annual contribution limits for a variety of retirement savings vehicles.


401(k) Glossary
Learn the vocabulary of 401(k) plans with our glossary of key words and concepts.


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