Smart Bond Investing—Buying and Selling Bonds

FINRA Market Data


An array of bond information is available in the Market Data section of the FINRA website. The section provides data on equities, options, mutual funds and a wide range of bonds—corporate, municipal, Treasury and agency bonds. It offers a full profile for every exchange-listed company, including company description, recent news stories and Securities and Exchange Commission filings and an interactive list of domestic securities the company issues. In addition, the site includes U.S. Treasury Benchmark yields, market news, an economic calendar and other information indicating current market conditions. You can find all of this information at FINRA's Market Data Website.


FINRA-Bloomberg Corporate Bond Indices


The Bonds area also features two valuable corporate bond indices—the FINRA-Bloomberg Active Investment Grade US Corporate Bond Index and the FINRA-Bloomberg Active High Yield US Corporate Bond Index. These are powerful tools that investors can use on a daily basis to gauge overall market direction and to measure the performance of their corporate bond holdings against the broader market. The indices’ underlying transaction information is derived from data submitted to FINRA’s Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE). As such, it is comprised of 100 percent of over-the-counter transaction activity in the index components.


Each index is calculated the evening of every trading day, reflecting transactions through 5:15 p.m. Eastern Time. Each index provides index values for Total Return, Price, Yield and Volume, with changes from the previous close. Additional supporting information includes each index’s 10 most active bonds, the top 10 leading movers and the top 10 lagging movers.

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