Phishing Scam Targets DoD Military Members and Civilian Employees

Be alert for an email phishing scam that targets Department of Defense military members, retirees and civilian employees.

The IRS reports that the suspicious emails use a .mil address and look like they come from Defense Finance and Accounting Services. The emails say that if you receive disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), you may be able to obtain additional funds from the IRS. The email then asks recipients to send VA and IRS documents—such as copies of VA award letters or income tax returns—to an address in Florida. If you find an email like this in your inbox—don't respond, press delete.

Phishing scams use spam email to lure you into sharing confidential information—like account numbers, passwords, PINs and Social Security numbers—so that the scammers can then commit identity theft. In this particular instance, the scammers are using the personal information to empty the victim's financial accounts, charge purchases to the victim's existing credit cards, or apply for new loans, credit cards services or benefits in the victim's name.

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