Take Your Name Off Solicitation Lists

One easy step you can take to reduce the number of sales pitches you receive is to take your name off telemarketing and junk mail lists. Businesses that advertise or market their products and services directly to consumersthrough mail, telephone, email, and online advertisingtypically purchase or compile on their own lists of potential customers.

The answer to "how did they get my name?" is actually fairly simple: local phone listings, public real estate records, tax assessments on personal property such as cars or boats, donations to political or charitable organizations, club rosters, alumni listings, or a host of other sources.  Online advertisers use "cookies," which are small data files that track information about you, such as your Web browsing patterns and items you've put into online shopping carts. 

Here's how to cut the clutter:

  • Telemarketing Calls
    or call toll-free
(888) 382-1222
  • Direct Mail and Email Offers
  • Credit Card Offers
    or call toll-free
(888) 567-8688
  • Online Cookie Collecting

Most legitimate marketing firms will honor your request. So, if you receive a solicitation after taking the steps above, you should be all the more skeptical of the offer.