Military Transition

Whether you’re retiring after a long military career or separating after completion of service, your transition to civilian life can result in culture shock. But millions of servicemen and women have successfully navigated this transition, and you will too. Our action plans can help you get started.

Action Plan: 6 Job-Search Tips for Veterans

It's not always obvious how your military experience can translate into a civilian job. But there are many resources that can help you. Be sure to take these tips into consideration.


Action Plan: Benefits Checkup

Before you leave the military, you should take advantage of the many benefits the service provides, and make decisions about replacing some of the benefits you may lose. Our Retirement or Separation Worksheet contains a checklist of steps to take before you leave the military.


Action Plan: Compare Your Civilian Pay to Your Total Military Compensation

A civilian job with a higher salary than your military pay won't necessarily mean that you'll have more spending money each month. Use our Total Compensation Worksheet and Post-Military Budget Worksheet to do a comparison.


Action Plan: Housing After the Military

If you plan to move after the military, you have several choices. A single-family house? Condo? Apartment? Mom and Dad? Use this guidance to keep yourself on track and within budget.