Financial Tools

Use these tools and resources to make informed decisions about saving and investing.

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Research Tool

FINRA BrokerCheck

Look up a firm or investment professional in BrokerCheck. It’s a free tool that helps investors research the professional backgrounds of current and former FINRA-registered firms and brokers, and investment adviser firms and representatives. It should be the first resource you turn to when choosing whether to start or continue doing business with a particular firm or individual.



Retirement Calculator

Use this calculator to plan your investing strategy now—and make sure that you have enough to see you through your retirement years.



Con 'Em If You Can

Think you know all the clever persuasion tactics con artists use to defraud consumers? Sharpen your skills on the citizens of Shady Acres. But watch out…the Fraud Fighting Agency’s lead agent, Fiona, is hot on your trail. Play online or download to your mobile device from the app stores (search "Con Em").


Scam Meter

We've all heard the timeless warning "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." It’s great advice, but the trick is figuring out when "good" becomes "too good." While there's no clear way to know, in just four questions our Scam Meter will help you tell if an investment you are thinking about might be a scam.


Risk Meter

Use our Risk Meter to see whether you share characteristics and behavior traits that have been shown to make some investors vulnerable to investment fraud.

Research Tool

Free Credit Score and Analysis Tool

We are pleased to make FICO® credit scores—and the educational information and tools in the FICO Standard product—available free of charge to eligible active duty servicemembers and their spouses.


Fund Analyzer

The Fund Analyzer offers information and analysis on over 18,000 mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and exchange traded notes (ETNs). Use this tool to estimate the value of funds and impact of fees and expenses on your investment. You can also look up applicable fees and available discounts for funds.