Thinking Money

If you've ever made a financial decision you regretted the next day, you're not alone. In fact, as the emerging field of behavioral economics reveals, you're practically hard-wired to overspend, an activity that lights up the brain's pleasure centers.

"Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions" is a new FINRA Foundation documentary that uses a mix of humor, on-the-street interviews and provocative insights from innovative thinkers to explore why we spend, why we save (or don't) and how we think about money.

Premieres Wednesday, October 1 on Maryland Public Television. For viewers in the DC metropolitan area, use this channel guide to locate MPT on your cable or satellite provider. Releasing October 16 by American Public Television to public television stations nationwide.

DVDs will be available in October. To reserve your copy in advance, send us an email with your name and address. Please put "Thinking Money DVD" in the subject line.

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Contact your local public television station to find out if the program will air, or to request an airing, in your community.

"Thinking Money" is produced by Rocket Media Group, LLC in association with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and Maryland Public Television. The program is distributed nationally by American Public Television (APT).

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