Whether you're trying to create a budget, set savings goals or considering a big purchase, developing a good plan is the key to success.

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Talk to Your Spouse About Money

The best way to avoid stressful discussions about money is to communicate openly and regularly about household finances. These tips will help you get the conversation going and keep it on track.


Money and Mobility

This popular publication can help you and your family financially prepare for moves or deployments.

Action Plan: Set Your Savings Goals

Getting what you want doesn’t always come easily. Chances are, you’ll have to work to reach your goal. Achieving what you want financially—whether saving to buy a house or for a vacation—requires the same planning, perseverance and know-how.

Action Plan: Start a Spending Plan

A spending plan gives you control. It clearly shows how much money you have coming in, what you’re spending it on and where you can make trade-offs to come up with extra cash. It’s also your first step in meeting larger financial goals.

Action Plan: Calculate Your Net Worth

One of the best ways to assess where you stand financially is to calculate your net worth. When you add up all of your assets and subtract your debts at least once a year, you can clearly see if you’re progressing toward your goals or moving backwards.

Action Plan: Start an Emergency Fund

We never know what the future holds, so it’s always good to be prepared. Having an emergency fund helps ensure you’re always prepared to deal with what life brings—good or bad.

Additional Resources

Serviceman's Group Life Insurance (SGLI)
SGLI is a program of low cost group life insurance for servicemembers on active duty, ready reservists, members of the Commissioned Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Public Health Service, cadets and midshipmen of the four service academies, and members of the Reserve Officer Training Corps. Get more information online or call toll free (800) 419-1473.

Learn About Servicemembers’ Rights Under USERRA
In responding to the nation’s call for military service, servicemembers risk their health, lives and financial well-being. This article gives an overview of USERRA and the many protections it affords servicemembers. It also provides practical advice for those covered by the law.

Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax (HEART) Act of 2008
The HEART act provides new tax-advantaged opportunities for survivors of servicemembers killed in the line of duty, recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), mobilized National Guard members and Reservists, military families with members not in possession of a Social Security Number (SSN), and veterans using or wishing to use mortgage bonds to purchase a residence.

Are Your Children Ready for Deployment?
A sudden deployment affects the entire family. Not only will you have to prepare for your mission, you also will have to make sure your spouse or another guardian is prepared to take over 100 percent of the parenting responsibilities and expenses. Here are some things to consider as you prepare your Family Care Plan.